BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber ROUND-TOP


Round-Top rubbers fits all channels except the Sorbo(r) Channels. Sold in packs of 50 and 144

From 25-55cm they are sold as box of 50 pieces
92-105cm are sold as a gross or 144 pieces.

BlackDiamond SQUEEGEE RUBBER is formulated from the highest grade of squeegee rubber materials  - using carbon impregnated natural rubber from the rubber tree plantations of Malaysia.

Available in SOFT (48) and MEDIUM (52), BlackDiamond has the reputation for THE SHARPEST EDGE, because we supply two rubbers together - and you, the user, peel them apart to make the edge for the first time.

Our unique formulation and molding method delivers a much thinner 'outer layer' of shiny rubber, meaning it takes LESS TIME to wear it in (as we say) ... very quickly, you have the soft rubber inner material on the glass, meaning a better and faster clean. 

SOFT is always ideal in COLDER CLIMATES, and especially if you are poling, because the flexibility of the rubber is more forgiving through a range of motions that happen when we are closing out with a pole. 

MEDIUM is only a little harder than SOFT, delivering a much longer working life, especially with a regular 'angle on the glass' that is typical of how we operate when using hand tools, nose-to-glass.

Available in both ROUND-TOP and FLAT-TOP (for SORBO fans), you will love BlackDiamond  - and you can save LOADS OF MONEY when buying BlackDiamond compared to ETTORE, UNGER, or SORBO rubbers.

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