BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber ROUND-TOP


Round-Top rubbers fits all channels except the Sorbo(r) Channels. Sold in packs of 50 and 144

From 15-55cm they are sold as box of 50 pieces
92-105cm are sold as a gross or 144 pieces.

About the BlackDiamond Round Top Squeegee Rubber
The BlackDiamond Round Top Rubber is the perfect replacement blade for your standard channels. From the shorter profile to the high-quality raw materials, BlackDiamond has perfected the art of replacement rubber blades. Choosing from soft or hard rubber will depend on your climate and your style. The BlackDiamond Rubber utilizes a short profile, so the rubber protrudes just far enough from your channel to give you the greatest control. Longer profiles can allow the squeegee to start controlling you. The short blade will enable you to find your perfect angle and keep it, unlike longer blades that have more flex.

BlackDiamond Soft Squeegee Rubber has become a staple in the window cleaning industry. If you work in cooler temperatures, the soft rubber gives you greater smoothness and consistency while you work, unlike a hard rubber that might chatter along the glass. Since rubber gets firmer in the colder temperatures, you don’t want to make a hard rubber, even harder. The downfall to soft rubber is that it wears a little quicker and can get chewed up by frames or your bucket on a belt. This type of rubber works excellent for a wide range of angles, so it is perfect for use on a pole.

You might be asking yourself, what is Medium Rubber? The industry standards have always been hard or soft. BlackDiamond decided to step outside of the box to create the innovative Medium Rubber with a Shore Factor of 52. Sitting comfortably between the 48 Shore of Soft Rubber and the 60 Shore of Hard Rubber, this medium variety is your universal option. It carries some of the benefits of soft rubber, like less chatter on the glass, but with an extended lifespan. Bear in mind that, unlike soft rubber, the medium rubber takes longer to wear in, so some patience is key for first-time users. You also have to consider your technique when choosing rubber. If you find you use your extension pole most of the time, the medium rubber is not as forgiving as the soft variety.

This professional-grade replacement rubber is made from the highest quality raw materials and made in a natural mold. Razor-sharp edges give you a smooth and consistent motion for perfectly clean, streak-free windows.

- Affordable
- Great Control
- Soft or Medium
- High-Quality Raw Materials
- Smooth and Consistent

The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit BlackDiamond Round Top Squeegee Rubber.

Ettore Aluminum Squeegee Channel
Ettore Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Channel
Ettore Super Squeegee Channel
LTWC Squeegee Channel
Moerman Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 2.0
Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 3.0
Pulex Aluminum Squeegee Channel
Pulex UniHandle Squeegee Channel
Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
Pulex Brass Squeegee Channel
Pulex TechnoLite Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
Pulex Alumax Squeegee Channel
Steccone Feather-Weight Aluminum Squeegee Channel
Unger Brass Squeegee Channel
Unger S Squeegee Channel
Unger S Plus Squeegee Channel
Unger Ninja Aluminum Squeegee Channel
Wagtail Slimline Squeegee Channel

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