BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber FLAT-TOP for Sorbo


Flat-Top rubbers fits the Sorbo(r) Channels and are sold in packs of 50 and 144

From 15-75cm they are sold as box of 50/100 pieces
92cm are sold as a gross / 144 pieces.

Flat top rubbers are cut in inches which means the rubbers are a little longer to fit the Sorbo system. 35cm is 14inches which real value is 35,6 cm and so on

About the BlackDiamond Flat Top Squeegee Rubber
Use BlackDiamond Flat Top Rubber as the perfect replacement in your Sorbo channels. These blades are made from high-quality raw materials that have been formed together in a natural mold. Choose between soft or medium rubber to best fit your location and technique. BlackDiamond Rubber has a short profile, so the rubber extends just far enough from your channel for the greatest control. If your channel has the unique T-Profile, you know you need this Flat Top Rubber.

If you live and work in cooler temperatures, most likely you're going to want to choose the soft rubber. This staple offers you a smooth and consistent option while you work. Hard rubber may chatter along glass, but the soft rubber is more malleable to stick to the glass. You don't want to choose a hard rubber for cool climates as rubber gets harder when it gets colder. Soft rubber does tend to wear quicker and is more likely to get damaged by frames or your bucket on a belt. This is a great choice for pole work because it works excellent at a wide range of angles.

Most brands offer a soft or hard option, but BlackDiamond broke away from the pack and created a Medium Rubber. It has a Shore Factor of 52, while soft is 48 and hard is 60 making this a pretty universal option. Benefits include less chatter on glass, but with an extended lifespan compared to soft rubber. However, anyone new to window cleaning may have a harder time with the medium rubber as it takes longer to wear in. If you favor working with your extension pole, medium rubber is less forgiving at certain angles.

BlackDiamond has perfected the art of replacement rubber blades to make your cleaning easier. Professionals choose BlackDiamond replacement rubber because the razor-sharp edges give you a smooth motion for perfectly clean, streak-free windows.

- Affordable
- High-Quality Raw Materials
- Short Profile
- Soft or Medium
- Razor-Sharp Edges

The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit BlackDiamond Flat Top Squeegee Rubber.

Sorbo Red White and Blue Squeegee Channel
Sorbo 2021 Limited Edition Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Black Mamba Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Cobra Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Silverado Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Eliminator Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Viper Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Ultra 45° Squeegee Channel

FLAT-TOP (for SORBO fans), you will love BlackDiamond  - and you can save LOADS OF MONEY when buying BlackDiamond compared to ETTORE, UNGER, or SORBO rubbers. 

TRY BLACKDIAMOND TODAY - pre-cut to any length, to match your tools, both metric (cm) and imperial (inches)

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