PLATINUM by BlackDiamond Squeegee for Sorbo


NEW NEW NEW - in stock!
The all new PLATINUM rubber for the Sorbo(r) Channels and are sold in packs of 50 and 144

From 35-55 cm they are sold as box of 50 pieces
92cm are sold as a 12 pack or gross / 144 pieces.

Flat top rubbers are cut in inches which means the rubbers are a little longer to fit the Sorbo system. 35cm is 14inches which real value is 35,6 cm and so on

About the PLATINUM rubbers
Newly developed in 2022 together with some of the most hardcore Sorbo (r) fans in both Europe and North America. Super soft rubber to bring perfection in glide and closeout in deep frames. Long lasting and perfect performance. Pure natural rubber! 

BlackDiamond has perfected the art of replacement rubber blades to make your cleaning easier. Professionals choose BlackDiamond replacement rubber because the razor-sharp edges give you a smooth motion for perfectly clean, streak-free windows.

- Affordable
- Perfect glide
- Easy closeout on deep frames
- High-Quality Raw Materials
- Razor-Sharp Edges

The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit BlackDiamond Flat Top Squeegee Rubber.

Sorbo Red White and Blue Squeegee Channel
Sorbo 2021 Limited Edition Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Black Mamba Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Cobra Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Silverado Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Eliminator Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Viper Squeegee Channel
Sorbo Ultra 45° Squeegee Channel


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